How does the dental tourism work?

Find out all the details regarding dental tourism organized by ItaliaDent or our partner travelling agencies. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will gladly provide you with all necessary information.

Step 1

Initial contact can be done via any preferable media (Skype, email, WhatsApp, Viber). Recent medical documents and scans (X-ray or CBCT) will be required in order to get the insight in current state of your oral health.

Step 2

We will make the treatment plan. In agreement with our patients, we give preliminary suggestions and pro forma invoice for the listed procedures.

Step 3

Organizing your visit

At this stage, we will set the appointment and plan your visit to Serbia. The most convenient way to reach Belgrade is by plane. Your visit can be organized by us or one of our partner travelling agencies.

Step 4

Arrival to Belgrade

You will be comfortably accommodated in the city center. We are 24 hrs available to answer all your needs. If you desire, we can also organize day trips or sightseeing tours of Belgrade and Serbia.

Step 5

The treatment in ItaliaDent

We will follow the treatment plan and perform necessary procedures. All the equipment and materials used at our clinic are up to date with the latest trends in dentistry.

Step 6

Going back home

After receiving the treatment and going back home we will stay at your disposal for consultation and check-ups. We will grant a warranty to all services done at out clinic.